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The Bestway™ inflatable spa utilises an I-beam construction for its outer walls with a patented TriTech™ material. It uses a an AirJet™ system that combines 120 jets of bubbly water with heat to create a hydro-massage. The spa can fit from four to six adults and control of the functions is through a soft-touch digital control panel to adjust water temperature and the automatic on/off timer. It has a quick-drain system, Leatheroid™ cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber. The spa is fully insulated, able to retain heat for extended periods; and takes about 10 minutes to completely set up.

* Pre-tested pump and spa pool
* Patented TriTech™ material walls
* Soothing AirJet™ system
* Power Saving System: automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
* Integrated water filtration system
* Insulated floor
* Convenient quick-drain system
* Air pad protectors
* Leatheroid™ [Synthetic leather with heavy-duty outdoor rating]  cover with safety lock clips
* Built-in air chamber for insulation
* Fast inflation [5 minutes]
* Digitally-controlled pump
* Soft-touch control panel
* Pump supplied with residual current device. Rated residual operating
current does not exceed 10mA.
*  Heavy-duty repair patch provided

* Colour: Black
* Capacity: 2-4 adults
* Water Capacity (80%): 669 L (177 gal.)
* Inflated Size: 1.80m x 66cm (71?x 26?
* Filled Weight: 696 kg (1,534 Lb.)
* Actual Water Flow: 1,325 L/h (350 gal/h)
* Heating System: Approx. 1.5-2.0A/h (3-4A/h)
* Max. Heat capability: 40° (104°)

Package Content:
1 x Bestway™ Inflatable Spa
1 x Pool Liner
1 x Pool Cover
1 x Spa Pump
1 x Filter cartridge (VI)
1 x DVD
1 x User Manual

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