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Listen to your favourite music tracks with the Otek™ Water Dancing speaker. Acting like a fountain when you play your songs, it has 6 multi-coloured LED lights & makes a great party centre piece. The Otek™ Water Dancing speaker also comes with 1 USB cable and 1 audio cable so it's ready to use with other devices.

* Provides fountain-like effect while your song is playing
* Material: Acrylic and ABS
* 6 Multi-coloured LED lights
* Includes: USB cable and Audio cable. Both cables measure 1.2m


* Buttons available: Volume, stop water dancing, shut down speaker.
* Compatible with MP3, MP4, Mobile phones, iPod, laptops and desktop computers.
* Output power: 3W *2/
* Supply Voltage: DC4.5-5.0V/
* Approximate Weight: 350g (left speaker)/300g (right speaker)
* Approximate Dimensions:
  Width: 8.3cm
  Depth: 8.3cm
  Height: 26cm

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