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Assembles in just 60 seconds.

Forget messing around all morning trying to assemble a traditional beach tent (missing out on precious beach time), with our 'quick assembly' beach shades it's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Position the poles for ultimate sun protection
  2. Position the shade onto the poles [using eyelet locating holes]
  3. Anchor the shade to the ground using push in pegs, and you're good to go!

*Designed by Australians, for Australians.

Features and Specifications
* Design: 'Cactus' Print
* Size: 148cm x 370cm
* Material: 100% Cotton Canvas
* Simple Pop Up Design
* Offers a large 5.5m2 area of sun protection
* Blocks out harmful UV rays
* Suitable for both grass and sand
* V Set up style to ensure the perfect set up
* Durable and long lasting
* Lightweight
* Easily Portable

Package Contents
* 1 x 148cm x 370cm Summer Beach Tent Cover [Cactus Design]
* 8 Pole Pieces (w/bag) - 2x ends w/ground pins, 4x midsections, 2x top ends w/caps
* Ground Pegs x6
* Rope pieces with fasteners x6
* Carry Bag with Handles

Please Note: Contrary to instructions these beach tents do not include a ridge pole, nor additional eyelets.

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