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This Grillz™ spit roaster is designed to take on the heavyweights. Thanks to a powerful 230V rotisserie motor designed for heavy grilling and roasting of meats and vegetables for large groups of people, this Grillz™ spit roaster can turn up to 30kg of whole, chunky meats. Outside the home, this unrivalled charcoal BBQ is ideal for use in cafes, restaurants and other eateries where a heavy duty rotisserie is required.

You'll also appreciate the charcoal-fueled roasting in a large cooking area with ample firebox space. Certainly no cramping of your style here, but just fabulous roasting using the eco-friendly chrome-coated steel grill and other quality cooking paraphernalia. Tender, juicy and sumptuous mouthwatering roasts are just a Grillz™ spit roaster away.

* Chrome-coated steel BBQ grill
* SAA approved 230V motor
* 30kg weight capacity
* Large cooking area
* Unrivalled charcoal BBQ
* Ample firebox space
* Good ventilation
* Stainless steel grill plate
* Suitable for all kinds of meats
* Perfect for the large gatherings

* Brand: Grillz™
* Fire bowl size: 98x46x28cm
* Cooking area size: 92x42cm
* Charcoal rack size: 96x39.5cm
* Rotisserie weight capacity: 30kg

Package Contents
1 x Grillz™ Spit Roaster
1 x Rotisserie
1 x User Manual

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